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Illyria Theatre Company

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Hot Season

by Evan Mueller
Saturday, October 29 2016 

In the not too distant future, a small group of friends and family escape the city for the summer, and head to an isolated cabin in the woods.  We soon realize this is no pleasure trip, this is a true escape. And as the summer months crawl by it becomes harder to stay happy and entertained, harder to distract themselves from what they’ve left behind.

Part comedy, part science fiction – and a dash of horror – Hot Season explores the relationships that connect friends and family, and how the power of nature can challenge, strain, and ultimately reaffirm those relationships.

Production Team:

Director: Chris Klinger


Jake - Greg Tsigaridas

Dan - Clint Wright

Ann - Ronda Scarrow

Natalie - Lacy J. Dunn

Marla  - Baylee Holloran